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Low Testosterone and Men's Health

Serum and Free Testosterone levels drop in men as we age. In some men, there is enough of a drop, to cause noticeable symptoms. Often referred to on TV or radio commercials as "Low-T", these symptoms generally begin to become noticeable in your mid to late 30's. These include decreased vigor and libido, depressive moods, decreased muscle mass. decreased strength, decreased bone density, and sometimes even hot flashes. Diabetes, thyroid issues, obesity, and some medications can further facilitate this drop in testosterone levels.

When someone has symptomatic low levels of testosterone, testosterone supplementation has been shown to help improve or resolve the symptoms. Supplemental bioidentical testosterone treatments come in multiple forms, including; injections, oral tablets, creams, and subcutaneous pellets.

At Spartan Medical, we'll work with you to come up with a treatment plan that will fit your needs. We not only focus on the management of your Low-T, but also monitor multiple aspects of you wellbeing, to ensure the best optimization of your treatment.


If you suspect you may have Low-T, Call us for a consultation today. Your office visit will include checking your testosterone and PSA in the office. No need for lab work prior to arrival. This will allow us to determine the extent, if any, of your Low-T, and aid in choosing the most appropriate approach to helping you return back to you again.

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