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Weightloss Management

Weight and Men's Health

Obesity facilitates both progressive decreases in testosterone levels (free and serum), and the development of erectile dysfunction (ED). Though obesity doesn't guarantee either, it is a known cause of both. We all go through the weight struggle. As we "mature" in age, it only gets harder and harder to lose those extra unwanted pounds, and exercise alone just doesn't provide the same quality of results it use to. At Spartan Medical, we're here to help. We utilize multiple modalities, both oral and injectable, to help you reach those weightloss goals in a safe and closely monitored fashion. These modalities focus on improving insulin production and utilization, increasing your body's metabolism, increasing fat burn, managing your appetite, and overall teaching you how to keep the weight off.

Call today and make an appointment to discuss the options available to you through Spartan Medical. Your health is our priority.

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